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About Us


Our Aim

To be an inclusive organisation exceeding aspirations of local, national and international communities responding well to the changes in the social and economic demands of that region.

Our History

The NAC was founded in 2011 and has seen major success and recognition internationally including personal letters from Boris Johnson, televised performance by Discover Algeria and BBC Arabic and also consistent press release for every community event undertaken.

Volunteering & Work Experience

We offer work experience placements for young adults, students and postgraduates in our various departments all year round. Our volunteering opportunities are open to everyone looking to broaden their experiences. Please send Your CV to contact@naclondon.org

Advice & Guidance

We offer a range of advice ranging from legal advice to employment advice.

Creative Activities

  • Painting Porcelain and Ceramic
  • Re-design and Decorate Textiles
  • Creative Calligraphy
  • Carving and Working with Wax
  • And more!


We help provide people with great skills for the future by training them in there choice of field. We also set them up with work placement opportunities to help them in the future.


We hold a lot of events such as our weekly community dinner. We also do annual events such as St.Patricks Day and the Afro-Caribbean Market.


We do projects for the community such as events for Eid, Community dinners, weekly workshops and much more!