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Meet The Team

Lynda Nebab
Chair person
Lynda is the driving force and the energy behind the organisation. She leads the team is achieving our core aims and ensure we work together with the community to make it a better place to live in.

``A better world exists, it is the one in which we are living``. As illustrated by Albert Camus, this concept is at the heart of our work. The NAC is a perfect platform which allows you to offer your skills forward in a bid to make our community a better place to live in.


Sadek Zerrouk
Vice chair
Sadek provides wise insights and advice to the team and ensures we are always on the right pathways to supporting the community through our services.

Kiren Rao
Kiren oversees the most important procedures of the organisation and the trusted point of contact for all legal affairs, in particular all immigration related inquiries.

``You are what you share``. The NAC has allowed me to learn skills in such a short period of time, skills which could potentially take other years to learn. I believe in taking what I have been so beautifully equipped with and sharing it with others.

– Momota

Momota Ahmed
Momota is an active member of team, making continuous contact with the community, getting hands on with our projects; and the main point of contact for our precious volunteers.