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Our Beneficiaries

  • Ahmed’s story

    I am a husband and a father to three children. Due to a disastrous incident at work, I was forced out of work and struggled to provide for my family for the past 2 years. With the NAC's help the family was able to eat well through weekly food donations. The children were gifted with new school uniforms and invited to free cooking, arts and dance workshops. I feel truly blessed.

  • Fatima’s story

    I was left widowed and my daughter fatherless, feeling robbed of our identity. The NAC helped me reintegrate and find myself again. Now in my spare time, I take part in dance and art classes with the NAC and feel re-connected with my culture and background. They believe strongly in the development of mental strength and I am forever thankful to them.

  • Ali’s Story

    I was alone in the UK until I found the NAC. I spent most of my nights sleeping on London busses and I refused to ask anyone for help. I became exhausted of this lifestyle and a friend convinced me to to speak to the NAC team. With the NAC's help I was able to get back up strongly on my own two feet, find a permanent home; and the support of a vibrant community in London


Young People on Placement



“It was a really good experience because I learned something new”


Travel and Tourism

“Friendly environment and all the people at NAC are really nice!”



“I really liked it, I love the people!”


Azeddine is a Graphic Designer from Algeria. Azeddine has created several known animations, most known for his graphic skills in the animated series, L'inspecteur Tahar which is the Algerian version of Lupin, a Japanese Manga series. Azeddine has supported the NAC through teaching the youth how to further develop their art skills and teach the youth the very basics of drawing to both beginners and experienced alike.
Jonathan has been a volunteer at the Concord Café for the past 3 years. He is an adult with learning difficulties who has been studying at Start Brent for a decade. He studied gardening at Brent Start and we wanted to give him the opportunity to deliver such a beautiful project. It did not take long for Jonathan to bring to the community a remarkable garden with a water feature and even some garden gnomes that he had the younger generation make!
Leroy has volunteered as a Catering Assistant since September 2014 at the Concord Café. He had never managed to secure a job because of his difficulties. With a lot of effort and support from the team at Concord Café, Leroy has without a fail worked every Tuesday and Wednesday on a weekly basis for the past 2 years. He has learnt how to make teas, coffees and to serve customers. He has also made new friends and is currently learning some management and responsibilities skills.