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  • Homeless

  • Young People

  • Elderly

  • Single Men

  • Jobless

  • Families

Community Dinner

Our weekly Community Dinner takes place every Wednesday at The Concord Café, led by our volunteer chef. Cooking from the heart, the dinner is a means to inspire people to gather under one roof, enjoy each others company and for each individual to feel comfortable, equal and accepting.

The dinner is open to all, with particular encouragement for those in most need to attend.

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Food Donated

Most of the food provided to those in need are donated to us from non-profit organisations and kind people in the community

Food Packages

We support up to 35 individuals every week with food packages distributed at The Concord Cafe consisting of: DRY INGREDIENTS  –  VEGETABLES  – CANNED FOODS  – BREAD

These packages feed the homeless, families in financial difficulty, those currently out of a job, single men and students on a budget.

Your donations are welcome to support us in continuing to gift food to these individuals who need our help.


The Big Dinner

The Big Dinner was first launched in 2013 and takes place annually to bring communities closer together with an aim to develop social cohesion between Algerians and the diversity of cultures in London.

The Big Dinner is a volunteer-led project to which the community is invited to join the fast-breaking meal every evening for 30 days during the month of Ramadan.

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