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Corporate Partner


We welcome those of you who have businesses and/or organisations or know someone who does to donate your skills or monetary funds to our charity. We ensure to use these generous donations to benefit the general community in different ways depending on what we is the greatest need at the time.

Examples of how corporate partners can get involved with the NAC are:

  • Volunteer with us

  • Fundraising

  • Sponsoring our events

  • Advertising our charity

  • Free provision of your services

The examples above are only some of the few ways that NAC’s corporate partners get involved.

The National Algerian Centre offers our partners a highly respected brand that has impacted the lives of many in the community. We have a wide network that will help companies of all sizes fulfill their social responsibility objectives. Our team can help create unique partnerships that include corporate marketing campaigns, employee engagement, and other valuable benefits.

If you would like to give generously or get involved, please contact us on: admin@naclondon.org