Knowledge is power

Work Placement

A short term job offered to people who have been trained in a particular career

It's likely that you will be paid for short-term work placements and for placements that you have arranged yourself. As 'sandwich placements' last longer and are a requirement of your course they usually come with a reasonable wage.

Voluntary Café Training

Putting theoretical practise into play to progress into desired careers

Learn how to use a professional coffee machine and make all varieties of coffee and tea, in a friendly environment providing a high standard of customer service. Learn how to check stock, cook basic foods; and prepare a cafe setting on a daily basis.

Work Experience

Volunteering with flexible hours to decide whether they would like to go into a particular field

There are a number of organisations who provide an insight into their business for GCSE and A level students. Work experience can range from 1 day to 2 weeks and is a great opportunity for students to get exposure to these organisations. It will help in future applications.

CV Clinic

Our CV Clinic will help you write the kind of CV that gets noticed. We'll help you highlight your skills and deal with any career gap.

Marketing & Branding

This branding masterclass is an inspirational and creative course to help delegates plan, build and implement a compelling brand from brief to creation and implementation. We'll consider the importance of determining the personality and character of the brand and how it influences the customer experience through employees and external audiences. Delegates will create and present their own brand.

Language Classes

Depending on availability, we provide language classes in English, French and Darija.

Arts and Crafts

Creative activities to allow people to express themselves. You don’t have to be skilled in Art; everyone has creativity in them. Activities include: Painting Porcelain and Ceramic; Re-design and Decorate Textiles; Creative Calligraphy; Carving and Working with Wax

Dance Workshop

We take the time to celebrate both cultural diversity and our common roots. Whilst young people have fun learning various styles and movements in African cultures they develop teamwork, thinking skills, coordination and concentration.

Drawing Workshops

Get advice on the different stages of a job hunt, including how to improve your interview technique and write an effective CV. You can get help to search for your first job, get back into work or change career direction.