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Conversational English Classes

Conversational English classes

This course is an opportunity to develop practical conversational skills with the aim of improving the self-confidence and independence of its students in English-speaking situations. Consisting of six two-hour lessons spaced over six weeks, the course will cover a range of real-life scenarios:


· friendly conversations with neighbours and colleagues

· organising activities

· job-interviews and formal encounters

Progression in pronunciation, use of grammar and tenses, and vocabulary will be emphasised throughout, with students developing these skills through interactions with each other and with the teacher.

Importantly, classes will be structured according to need meaning that students will be able to forward their own ideas on what topics should be studied and what areas of their English they would like to improve.

Essentially, this is an opportunity to practice your English in an environment which is supportive and non-judgemental, whilst benefiting from the in-depth knowledge and feedback of the teacher who is a native English-speaker.

Classes are free of charge and open to speakers of all levels. Hope to see you there!

Times and Dates

– All classes will take place at the National Algerian Centre on Tuesdays from 18.30 – 20.30

– 14/11/2017: Conversational English: Speaking with Friends and Family

– 21/11/2017: Conversational English: Describing your Daily Routine

– 28/11/2017: Conversational English: Organising a Trip: Shopping and Leisure

– 05/11/2017: Conversational English: Job Interview and the Workplace

– 12/12/2017: Conversational English: Proposing a Business Idea

– 19/12/2017: Conversational English: Community Meal and Practice


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Hello all. My name is Elyes and I will be taking your English classes at the National Algerian Centre.

Languages have the power to open up opportunities on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is building relationships, organising things to do, or setting up your own business a strong grasp of spoken English provides an independence and freedom essential for life in the UK.

Having seen first-hand some of the difficulties created by language-barriers and struggling myself in speaking Algerian Arabic, I am passionate about teaching English and feel that these classes can be an invaluable opportunity for personal development and progress.

If you have any queries or know of anyone who may be interested feel free to contact me on my mobile 07852340194.


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Dec 12 2017


06:30 PM - 08:30 PM




National Algerian Centre

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