Free Live Music with Nazim Ziryab

Nazim Ziryab is a singer song writer whose music is routed in traditional Chabbi (pop) music of Algeria but with distinct western blues and rock influences. He comes from a family of artists and freedom fighters in his native Algeria. He is the nephew of poet Mustafa Preure, who was heavily involved in the resistance movement in Algeria during the revolution of 1954 – 1962 which saw the end of French occupation and in the spirit of his upbringing his music has political and social commentary within it. Nazim started playing music on the piano at 6 years old. He was inspired by western classical greats like Bach and unlike others his age steered away from traditional and even pop music. By 20 he had won the best amateur music issued by the Minister of Culture in Algeria and was played on the radio there. Having grown up in an artistic family and with a famous actor uncle and grandparents who were freedom fighters, he very soon found his own political voice and saw music as a way to express his views on social and political injustice in the four corners of the world. Nazim penned songs which commented on social justice, inequality and the political system in countries under dictatorships. However, he found that once he discovered his political voice, there was reluctance from the state media to broadcast his songs anymore. In 2012 he came over and decided to learn English and pursue his dream of being a performer with no limits on his ability to express himself. This is when things started to change. He continued to write songs, far from his motherland Algeria and everything familiar and dear to him, adding to the depth and emotion of his music.

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