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Fundraising ideas

Whether there’s one or one hundred of you, we can help with inspiring ideas, event organisation and publicity for your fundraising to help make it a success.

4 Simple Steps For Successful Fundraising:

1. Decide on your event

There’s a fundraising event for everyone. Would you like to be the star of your fundraising or share the glory as part of a group? What are you good at and how could you challenge yourself? You could use this as an opportunity to try something you’ve always wanted to. Would you like to discover another culture ad be part of the Alerian community? Came and visit us.

2. Set up a fundraising page

Simply set up your fundraising page select National Algerian Centre as your charity. It’s really easy – either login with Facebook or sign up with your email.

3. Add contacts from your social life

Let your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers know what you have planned, and how you’re helping such a great cause. Keep them updated with how preparations are going and, of course, how they can donate to you! You can also send a cheque payable to ‘NAC’ to: Account Number: 91766864 Sort Code: 404609 Bank: HSBC

4. Pay in your money

Sending us the funds you’ve raised is simple! Just pay the donations into your own account, and then make your fundraising donation online.

Fundraising ideas


  • Bake sale
  • Organising a cookery class
  • A BBQ party
  • Create a recipe book and sell it to the public
  • Organise a picnic


  • Create bracelets and sell them to friends and family
  • Organising a fashion show with North African clothing
  • Recycling clothes and making thing something of them
  • Organising your own parade


  • Selling tea and coffee
  • Creating jewellery and selling them
  • Selling pancakes
  • Organising selling antiques
  • Selling in a car boot sale
  • Greeting cards


  • Organise a football tournament
  • Organise a sports tournament
  • Organise a marathon
  • A sports night out


  • Karaoke song day
  • Host a film night
  • Dance battles
  • Organise quizzes
  • A photography contest

Fundraising at work

Fundraising is a great way to bring people from all parts of the organisation together. Plus it’s fun, a break from the norm, and helps other people… which always feels good.

Recruit a dream team

Having people on board to help you always makes it more fun, so round up your best squad from around the business to create the ultimate fundraising team dream.

Get the boss on board

Everyone likes to impress those at the top, so your boss’s backing is a great way to get more people involved. You could even ask them to set a fundraising challenge, to really get everyone vying for their attention!

Spread the word

You want to make sure people are as excited about NAC as you are, so make any messages about your event as fun as possible so they really stand out.