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Share your skills

Whether it’s a one-off or something you do on a regular basis, volunteering is good all round. As well as making a positive contribution to the happiness of others, it’s a great way to meet people, get the most out of your local area and to increase your own happiness and wellbeing. Science shows that we can get as much out of volunteering as the people we are giving our time for or to. Giving to others through volunteering and in other ways has been associated with reduced depression and anxiety and increased personal well being and happiness. Indeed one researcher described the ‘helper’s high’. What’s more, volunteering is one way to actively participate in social and community life, which is also strongly associated with happiness and life satisfaction.


Being a volunteer artist gives you the opportunity to develop a use previous skills and knowledge. This can contribute to an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, self-value and usefulness. Through this role, you can share both professionals and participants in the group. Anyone from graphics designers, artists, photographers, or video producers can join in and be a part of the team


Volunteers with professional skills are of immense value to charities. You can undertake a short one-off project or get involved<br /> longer term, giving advice and support to one or more charities. You will find it very fulfilling. Employees and managers ranging from: doctors, teachers, physicists, accountants and many more have come and helped.


Administrators can often be key employees within charitable and non-profit making organisations; they are responsible for linking the organisation with the public and the media. In larger organisations, administrators may be mostly office-based, whereas those working for smaller employers often have frequent contact with voluntary staff and the public. Employees such as receptionists, office managers, admin assistants, secretaries and much more have come and joined in.


Engineering capacity is not evenly distributed around the planet and we strongly believe that by working together, engineers from all over the world can share knowledge and positively contribute to sustainable human development. By developing collaborations with local partners and UK engineers, our aim is to strengthen the environmental, social and economic resilience of the communities they work in. Employees such as electricians, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Workers, Gardeners and many more have joined and helped.


Volunteers work in a small busy team to help prepare and serve a variety of hot and cold meals for visitors, staff and volunteers. Catering volunteers also help out with washing up and cleaning duties. No special skills are required. All new volunteers are given an induction when they start along with on the job training and supervision to help them settle into their role. The jobs that are included are cafe assistant, Chef Assistant, and waitering at events


Volunteering is personally rewarding and offers students an invaluable opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience alongside their university studies. Students who build up generic skills outside of the subject they study fit into the workplace more easily. Through development of skills like reflection they are able to recognise where their strengths in practice lie.


People who volunteered

Cristina & Magda

Volunteers sourced by the National Algerian Centre – Cristina and Magda wanting to get back into work, on Admin placement; and Bijal, 2nd year university student on a Business Administration placement.


Ama, who specialises in Positive skills came forward and volunteered to help in the International Women's Day by helping you get the very best out of life. She taught how your mind really works and also learn how to: Regain control over negativity, Think positively, Develop positive self-awareness and Explore principles that sustain positive living.

Adria Villaitodo

Is studying ESOL with the intention of studying catering and work as a chef in a restaurant. Adria bought forward his Spanish culture and cooking skills to our community cafe and worked alongside the team for work experience.