Volunteers With Us


Our volunteers make their time available to the children and to the community, and that love what they do and the children that welcome.



Katrina Dalvair


The Concord Café garden is a beautiful open space in the heart of Queens Park, London. There are many things you can do such as watering and looking after the plants, trimming the hedges, mowing the grass, improve the soil, etc…



You can work in kitchen for show off your cooking skills. For example, the Community Dinner happening every Wednesday at our Concord Café.


Abisha Smale 

Social Media

Adan Wardhere

It & Web Development 

In this work environment , your job is to complete the tasks that you will be assigned by your tutor. Your tasks will include editing or creating webpages for either the charity or CIC website and the maintenance of the above mentioned.

Accounting & Finance

Gabriel Cazac